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Liner Notes: 

Started taking a Soundfly course, black key scales. Major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and blues scale.
I'm still fighting a cold - almost a week - and now my wife has it, too. Praying for Houston, SE TX and LA. When I started to drift off I got the Hurricane, comparing paper cuts to machete wounds, and something that drifted out of my consciousness too quickly. What is it going to become? No idea. Let's find out.


The storm winds are howling
Towels at the doors
Don't stop the rain from seeping in

We're sleeping upstairs
There's rushing water on the streets
Sheets of wind blown rain
Hammering the window panes

Drains full of branches and debris
Ranches and the freeways
Turning into lakes with floating cars

Boaters are cruising the lower neighborhoods
Where flood waters are chest deep
Just keep what you can carry on your back
Evacuation centers overloaded

And you see the petty and heroic
The looters and the rescuers live side by side
Volunteers start flying in
While others stand idly by

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Very dramatic lyrics connected with the situation happening. Hope to hear them in the song.

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Yes, dramatic and spot on. Let me know when you have the rest done and I hope you both feel better!

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captures this crazy and tragic moment well.... great job with the lyric. interesting that there are no rhymes...

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This really tells the story for sure. I hope you find the perfect sound for it.