Orange Through Autumn

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Orange Through Autumn



Liner Notes: 

Okay, so its got words and music and its barely two minutes long. But I'm not sure about this one. Combining the Songskirmish website/Facebook group prompt 'Orange' with the GYAWS Facebook group prompt 'Autumn' (again one that I did not vote for), and the Fearless Songwriter day 2 structural prompt to use a IV V chord progression to later solve to the vi chord or I chord. My initial idea for the fearless prompt was to tune a guitar down to slack open C, but last minute I decided to use a banjo which is in open G. I went through about ten song ideas for orange until I saw the fearless prompt which landed on weather, so I thought, "hey Haiku poetry is supposed to be about weather." I played around with variations on the progression till I got one that seemed to sorta fit the lyric vibe. So it takes me two weekly prompts and a day prompt to get one song? Oy, what am I gonna do tomorrow for day 3?


remove chords
Orange Through Autumn

Orange leaves falling
Thirty latitudes autumn
For coming slumber

Organic matter
Recycles death into life
Freezing to thawing

Orange through autumn
Hot cold changes in seasons
In love’s transitions

Orange flowers drop
Thirty feet fall to the ground
Oncoming winter

Shadow cold rooftop
Set in stone but not alone
Two staid figures

Repeat chorus

Mothers warm embrace
Wrapped around each other
Against the cold wind

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The slidy chord thing in the verses is CATCHY as heck. Liking the use of the orange prompt, and of haiku as your structural principle.

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The way you play that banjo helps depict leaves falling off the trees. And using haiku for your lyrics? This is crazy creative!