Let It Rain Conspiracy Theory

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Let It Rain Conspiracy Theory

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Earlier in 5090 I discovered that David Duchovny, the actor who played Fox Mulder in the Fox network TV series The X-Files, is now a musician and songwriter. The truth is out there. One of his songs is titled 'Let It Rain'. One of my pre-FAWM songs written in 2011 that I still play is titled 'Just Let It Rain'. For the curious, several versions are on my Bandcamp page. I posted a link to a syndicated talk show interview and the Fox I mean David Duchovny song performance in the FAWM Facebook group with a bit of a discussion about celebrities turned musician (which not a new thing at all) and the learning to play guitar in middle age thing he and I are both doing. BTW the 'let it rain' hook is in a least several songs I know of Eric Clapton 'Let It Rain, Bruce Srpingsteen 'Mary's Place', Friction Farm 'Let It Rain', etc. so this is all in fun.

@TomS suggested a conspiracy theory song. Toms idea with a loosely tied plot to oblique show references, including the sayings on my X-Files pencil that my wife found at a thrift store, and somehow an investigation of this song title coincidence, and the lyric was born. For the music Tom sent me this crazy manic drum track and I found some sound effects that could have worked with the show, I put on my best power punk guitar using a power chord progression and sequential letters E A C A from the title and a song was born.


remove chords
Let It Rain Conspiracy Theory
Key of C


Let it rain conspiracy theory (repeat three times)

A victim of public phrase larceny
Calling senators with a plea
Avoid ASCAP cause aliens stole this song idea

Answers connected to the senator’s aide’s son
One agent caught the cigarette mans smoking gun
He could fix this once

The pencil set declares
Trust no one
The truth is out there
That’s why
They put the I
In F.B.I.
I want to believe
But its getting harder for Dana to break the glass ceiling
The x file drawer is threatened by conspiracy

Fox splits, Anasazi train a flash of light
No stars or threat of rain falling from the sky
In this let it rain conspiracy theory

Repeat Intro and fade

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Good job, Andy. So many things I've almost forgotten from X-files... like the smoking man...and did Dana ever break that glass ceiling?
On a side note, I remember one of their episodes actually took place here in Northville, looking for an alien ship at the bottom of our lake, I believe. It wasn't filmed here, just used all the place names.

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Captures that X-Files vibe nicely. For some reason I thought Duchovny did music back in the 90s; I have a hazy memory of him singing on TV from back then, but I can find no trace of a recording online. I must have imagined it.

...or did I?

(spooky music starts playing)

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among other things, it kind of has a 'beat generation' vibe... has me picturing hepcats in dark sunglasses and berets, jamming out in a smoky club...