When I Was a Witness

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When I Was a Witness




Liner Notes: 

Combined the Sunday skirmish prompt 'Witness' with the Fearless Songwriter Day 1 prompt 'Before Dawn'. Combined flow in a rush of ideas, will need to sort out and make more musical later.


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When I Was a Witness
Guitar chords: D2 - xxo23o; Bm+11 - x2443o; Gm - 355333; Am - 577555; Fm - 133111; Em - o22ooo; G - 32ooo3; A- oo222o; F - 133211; E - o221oo;

When I was a witness
An observer of the world’s entropy
Isolated point of view
Waiting for the end of this system
Promoting financial castes
Battles in the sand that entertained centrality
Protest marches filled the news
In a pretense of freedom between division

Chorus 1
Before dawn, fear poured down from heaven
Before thought, faith was based on simple solutions
light shatters all illusion

When I was a witness
I thought I could easily categorize
All the information
Into divine machinations

Repeat Chorus 1

The dawn broke at last
I was a witness to what I was told would not pass

Chorus 2
At the dawn, light glowed into sound
Given thought, simple solutions faded
daylight shatters old illusions

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cindyrella's picture

Ooo nice one! Love the guitar and really pretty deep. Great job!

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This has a grim fatalistic feel, the listener gets a strong sense of the "singer's" search for meaning. Very solid base for wherever you decide to go with this.

corinne54's picture

Yes, as Odilion said, this has a "fatalistic feel" lyrically and musically. Really good job on this. I like the descending chords

kahlo2013's picture

Really awesome lyrics Andy! There is an ominous kind of grand epic feel to this. Great insight and observations. Wonderful delivery as well.

metalfoot's picture

Another track possibility for your concept album? Deep lyrics and some probing thoughts here.

edsmaron's picture

I like that guitar work and you have turned out some intricate lyrics under this tight deadline. Nice work.

yam655's picture

This is interesting. Kind of a late night introspective feel to it.

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I like that you used the idea of entropy and the entertainment of centrality which, to me, implies a constant degeneration by doing nothing, or allowing the slide to continue unabated. You've written that you would clarify some of this and I can see how that would be my urge as well. I do like that it's open enough that I can put my interpretation on it.