Falling into dark

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Falling into dark



Liner Notes: 

Look ma, no chorus! Hey, I’m 60% through 50/90, on track to completing the 50. Already feeling like I’m scraping the bottom of the creative well, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Video demo here: https://youtu.be/fm5JfeDMOIU


Falling into dark
The city settles and takes a breath
Soft summer rain
Leaves the streets refreshed
In swelling silence
Slumbering beasts
Awaken in the depths

Falling into night
The creatures roam and glide
Moving without sound
Shadows drifting by
House to house
Bed to bed
Into dreams they dive

Falling into dreams
The creatures watch the show
Terrors and delights
They cannot stop the flow
They only sit
Wait til morn
Make sure we wake, then go

Falling into dawn
The creatures sink away
Gentle morning light
Marks the coming day
In gloom they hide
Await the night
To guard us all again

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Love the phrasing here, particularly on the last line of each verse.

The "well running dry" stage of Fifty/Ninety is the part I love best, because it's when we start taking chances on what we do. "Not good enough" goes out of the window and suddently we find that things we'd discounted as unusable turn out to be totally fine, actually. And this is a case in point; it's more than fine, it's lovely.

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Ohso lovely. fantastic performance, Great flow. awesome uke. Fantastic performance

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This is truly lovely! The baritone uke is great! Dreamy quality and fantastic flow. Beautiful poetry in the words. Gorgeous!

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Lovely melody here, and I like the smooth running (ukulele?) part. Nice pause on that line at the end of the verse.

Cool sequence of imagery, I enjoyed going on this little journey with you.

I like the image of the dream creatures that populate all our dreams, going from house to house, then sneaking away to wait in the shadows for the next night. I like the idea that they are protectors, not terrors.

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This is awesome! Your baritone uke shines in this piece. Who needs a chorus when you have that awesome instrumental background? Your voice is beautiful and so fantastic at telling this story. Great work!

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Beautiful calming sad song. Nice melody, works well without a chorus. Very good uke playing, sounds great.