Saturday Night, Walking Around the Block

Saturday Night, Walking Around the Block

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Liner Notes: 

I have another writing project, a Holly Lisle "Finding Your Fiction Writing Mojo" class. I used to love reading pretty much any genre fiction. If I was bored enough I would even read my sister's Harlequin Romances. The interwebz is a dangerous place for me because I like chasing rabbit trails. I especially like learning more music skills.

Hard things I've enjoyed doing? 5090, digging a deep pit to fix irrigation l
I've got a dog trying to get my attention. I don't have anything yet, so I guess I'm going for a walk Smile

So I got a bit.


The August air is thick with night blooming jasmine and onions
Laughing teenage girls on a park bench,
Bum underneath a banyan
Feeling sick, and like a moron, I forgot to put my hoodie on
Now I'm sniffling and sneezing
Farting from too many Bale won tons

No ajinomoto at L&L Drive Thru
Old folks playing cribbage outside Starbucks
Low hanging in the western trees a waxing crescent moon
I'm writing lyrics for another tune
Saturday night, walking around the block

The movie of the night is blue lighting neighborhood windows
Howling feral cats on a stone wall
I type a note into my phone


Back at home it's Kleenex boxes, rumpled sheets
Empty take out boxes, Whirring ceiling fan
Nine pm I'm wandering down the streets
Pulling the dog and seeking inspiration


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Love the sensory overload in this - smells, tastes, sounds and sights - and the immediacy of the writing. A picture of late urban evening so vivid it feels like I'm there.

And now I'm hungry. I'll be staying away from that MSG, though, it's bad for you.