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Liner Notes: 

Izaak: @Adnama17 sent me these words awhile back and it occurred to me that I need to have more 50/90 songs tagged #Rock&Roll . So---

Adnama17: recycled partial lyrics from 50/90 2015. And yes, many more things need to be labeled rock & roll straight up. Smile


Been workin’ myself night and day
Just to get back home to you
It seems like forever since we’ve been together
I’m so alone and blue
Been workin’ myself down to the bone
Just to hold you in my arms again
By this time tomorrow, all of my sorrow
Will be gone when I’m with you
I love the way you walk
And the way you talk
And the way we work together
You are my life line
My good time
We can get through any weather
And when the train stops and I hop off
And I pull you close to me
Everything around me fades away
‘Cause you’re where I need to be
All work and no play drives me quite crazy
Getting antsy, getting restless, where’s my breath?
I’m discombobulated without you
A complete mess, in disarray, next to death
Getting close
Getting ever closer
Getting ever nearer to you

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Great slice of rock-n-roll. Everything fits the motif, lyrics, tune, arrangement. I enjoyed this one a lot!

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Yeah! Doesn't get much better than this! Love those background vocals. They are perfect!
Those bridges are now in my top 10 favorite bridges of all time. I'm so glad you left discombobulated in there! They are as messy as he is and it works so well.
Dig that bass too!
How long did you hold that note at the end? Golly!
Long live rock & roll!!!

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Great classic rock 'n' roll!
That choppy rythm guitar in the back is nice.
Sounds like a live band to me!
I really like the BG box as well.
Great job all around!

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Nice retro 50s feel! Catchy and upbeat, with a classic sound a classic lyrical theme, this gets the "old time rock" job done splendidly! But it also has more modern feel in the way its willing to be a bit experimental and have a bit of a whacked-out, "discombobulated" sound. Quite cool.

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Made me smile! Dig the old-school rockin' rhythm guitar, the harmonies, classic licks, the falsetto high notes.

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Great bridges and fantastic instrumentation. You two work well together for collaboration!

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Really upbeat track to kick off the weekend ... love the background vocals (they add so much here) and the lines "I’m discombobulated without you" and the whole train verse. Guitar sounds great! Love the breakdown and build-up about half-way through. Great collab!