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I had read somewhere that today is the anniversiry of the recording of this fun little one-hit wonder song 'Locomotion' by Little Eva (who was the babysitter for Gerald Goffin and Carole King, who wrote the song)... anyway, I digress, but thought of the line 'new dance step... and somehow this arrived a short time after, uke strumming part and all.

I'm thinking that its going to be the semi-upbeat last song on this political-themed album i've been working on this summer.. tentative title of the album is 'Orange Disaster Summer"... look for it on bandcamp.. soon-ish!


There’s a new dance step its sweeping the nation
Its called “Cover your eyes and your ears”
Don’t listen or watch that orange disaster
He’s even worse than we feared

It’s a dance step borne out of necessity
Otherwise we’d be sick all the time
Cause following those tweets and crazy speeches
You could really lose your mind

But peacefully resist
Find a way out of this
Don’t forget to vote
Collectively, we all are the antidote

Make America great again, Get rid of the hate again
We’ve done it before, let’s make a plan
This is still the same country that not too many years ago
In a landslide, said ‘yes we can’

So open your ears and eyes, to the parade of lies
Let your opinions be known
Support local candidates, volunteer & step up to the plate
This is our country and our home

But peacefully resist
Find a way out of this
Don’t forget to vote
Collectively, we all are the antidote

© M. Skliar 2017

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Good one! Perfect uke and does remind me of Locomotion. I like this antidote!

Chip Withrow's picture

Great soulful groove you get going with just a uke! I like the cool chords in the "peacefully resist" verse, too. Good one!

metalfoot's picture

Wonderful chords in the "peacefully resist" section and a political song which is strong without being preachy.

kahlo2013's picture

Awesome write, Mike! Love the upbeat feel of this and the optimism that we can get pst this disaster! Made me feel hopeful even if sometimes the only thing I can do is cover my ears and eyes!

3tdoan's picture

"We are all the antidote" - word! I like the uke on this, makes it sweet and light and non-preachy.

tcelliott's picture

Hey this is a good little song. It doesn't really preach, it just motivates. I like that angle from you, like it better than the normal "the other side is shitty" stuff. But then again, maybe I'm getting soft in my middle age.

johnstaples's picture

Hey Mike! You are SPOT ON with this one! I am exhausted! But you are also right about VOTING being part of the antidote. Your lyrics are clever and perfectly written to tell this tale! It is a sweet melody and your performance is top-drawer! Damn fine ukulele-ing! I thoroughly enjoyed my listen and in a way your song was my antidote for today!

Vom Vorton's picture

Love the chord sequence and the optimism! It's nice to hear a political song that doesn't get bogged down in despair, right now Smile

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

It's nice to hear an uplifting political song. Musically I most like the 'But peacefully resist...' segments!

expendable friend's picture

Hooray for optimism! The tangerine tweet machine can't get booted from office a day too soon. Love the idea of the dance step.

lowhum's picture

The middle 8 is really great! Better than America or whatever that means these days...