Not Like You

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Not Like You



Liner Notes: 

So, I'm not entirely happy with this. It's going to need some lyric polishing and some work on the performance.

But, I wanted to get this week's challenge out of the way. This is about a passionate woman who hurts her love interest because they're polar opposites. When you put fire and ice together, either one melts or the other fizzles. Not cool.


1. I know I ain't easy to live with.
I'm neurotic, anxious, and crazy.
I know I ain't easy to live with.
Sometimes I'm just plain old lazy.
Not like you. Not like you.

2. You told me that you loved my passion:
I'm hotter than a cold day in hell.
When I'm with you, it feels like heaven
I seem to float out of this cell.
I'm not like you. Not like you.

I'm imprisoned by my thoughts,
But you come and pay the bail.
You give me the freedom
To let my hopes set sail.
I am the helium. You are the cloud.
You are the reason I can live life loud.

3. They told me I should find a partner
To match my fiery side.
I was drawn to your cool exterior.
You took me on a wild ride
In love with you. I needed you.

Now you tell me that you're done;
I've burned your heart and soul.
Our relationship's not fun:
My fire's out of control.
You're the extinguisher killing my flame.
You've iced me out. You gave me the blame.

4. I know I ain't easy to live with.
I'm a woman who needs so much more.
I know I ain't easy to live with.
I've got passions unexplored.
Not like you. Not like you. Not like you. Not like you.

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Oh, I really love this! Love the fire and ice concept and there are so many great lines in this. Wonderful song you have here!

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what you have here is promising, but i agree with you that it needs some work. for what its worth, i would suggest you develop the not like you phrase into a catchy chorus that succinctly emphasises the difference between you and the love interest. the verses about yourself are excellent, but when we arrive at verse three, and the perspective changes to the third person point of view, although remaining in first person narrator, the focus is lost a bit. so my suffestion is to keep the verses centered on your descriptions of yourself, and take the material about the love interest and chisel it into a dynamic chorus that expresses the essential conflict of the ttwo personalities. i know you didnt ask for an assessment, so just take my thoughts as one persons immediate reaction.

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Wow! That is a powerful and insightful perspective that I think many can relate to and is the crux of many relationship issues - the fire and ice are hard for the reasons you say but put the the fire with fire and that can be just as dangerous and even more damaging. For one who often feels the fire the ice can keep things in check and balance so flames don't leap out of crazy control - but flames seek other flames and can burn quickly and dangerously. Back to your song, great image and nuances - always love your insights and perspectives and of course vocals!

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I like the use of all the contrasting images. I really like that chorus melody. It contrasts nicely with the verses and flows very well.