Lady in the City

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Lady in the City

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Took a challenge from the forum: Write about a real person. I picked Joni Mitchell and cribbed about a billion lines and phrases from her songs. If you can spot them all, you win a prize!!!*

*The prize is the joy of taking part. Well done!


There's a lady in the city
With her window full of jewels
Everyone she knows would love to see
When she wakes up in the morning
She could paint the whole world blue
Flowers like Rousseau, orange and green
If she wants to up and leave you
You can be sure that she will go
For it's really not her home, here or anywhere
There's a lady in the city
She has flowers round her room
All she's ever known is to be free

She's seen inside the fairytale
She's known both sides, the deep love
And how it leaves a lover pale
Paler than the deepest sea
Something truthful there
Something that we need

There's a lady in the valley
With arbutus at her door
Crocuses will grow up in the spring
Where will she be? At some party
Down a Spanish red dirt road
Stockings full of holes from all the dancing
Or in a wine bar, in the half-dark
Behind a bottle, hiding out
For it's really much too loud, here or anywhere
There's a lady in a café
And she scans the cocktail hour
For that very good friend of hers
She wants to free him

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If you have any way of exporting to mp3 rather than m4a, that'll solve the 'won't stream' problem!

I don't know Joni Mitchell's stuff well enough to know the lines. But this is an interesting chord structure, which is in itself a bit of an homage to Joni!

Great lyrics, great singing.

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I've been looking through your collection. It's too bad the songs won't stream, you have written some wonderful lyrics. I hope we get to hear them.

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Lovely folky chord sequence with that hazy jazz edge to it. Really evocative and dreamy.

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I really like the melody here. The lyric flows well and uses imagery very well in the way of description. I like how your voice is good here but different than in other songs I've heard so far.