Lies, half truths, exaggerations

Lies, half truths, exaggerations

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Liner Notes: 

The guys at my part time job had this joke where they would exaggerate these stories about me. I would just laugh and smile, and say nothing. Over the weekend some new guys from my full time job hung out with one of those guys. And he told them a bunch of those stories. I've spent 3 days trying to explain.

She wasn't a witch when I was going out with her - that's good enough for a song title of its own. It's a different story.

This song is undergoing constant revision. I do my writing directly in this form, and I'm fighting a cold. So this song is taking longer. It's changed completely several times.


Lies, half truths, exaggerations
I know they come from you
Lies, half truths, exaggerations
Half of it is sorta true
I didn't stop it earlier
But now it's causing strain
You've been talking trash to my family
And they want me to explain

I didn't know she'd been a model
I didn't talk when I met her
For two whole weeks I'd nod my head if I passed by
She saw me talking with my hands
Pulled aside one of her friends
Said "We've got to pray for that poor deaf mute guy"


When she found that I could talk, her
Story changed she thought I stalked her
She found me dark and creepy, but she liked my sexy knees
I went on a hike without enough water
Drank something stagnant cuz I was too hot, her
Diagnosis was "It's a spiritual disease"


I misunderstood everything she said as an invitation
Made a fool of myself, proposed, and she said "yes"
I'm still not rich, and she's still not fighting immigration
Fifteen years, so we've proved you wrong, I guess


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Intriguing! It would be interesting to know all the different versions you've had. I had to smile at the sexy knees part!

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Well this makes me want to know more! People are curious creatures and relationships and perspectives from different points of views are even more intriguing . This may merit some prequels and sequels. Maybe a trilogy!