spooky strange instrumental

spooky strange instrumental

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Liner Notes: 

saw that there was a thing called 'strange music day' on the forums.

i had this old instrumental spooky jam from 2013.. and in fawm 2017 i had taken it and used as the background for some spoken word stuff.. decided to repurpose it for this, took out the spoken word part, added a new lead guitar part, and then some weirdness at the end.... may not be quite strange enough for 'strange music day' but it'll have to do for now....

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Nicely rollicking, lopsided beat, and the spookshow / funhouse organ and guitar brought to mind a very merry Halloween. Looks like you've "Frankensteined" together a monster... hit! Biggrin

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Sounds like a lost Tom Waits backing track. I like the kind of spooky circus vibe that the organ brings.