The only wall that's needed

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The only wall that's needed




Liner Notes: 

Written after hearing the orange disaster had tweeted and spoken that 'if Congress does not give me the money to build the wall, I'll shut down the government'.

This has a more elaborate production then some others- there's rhythm guitar, vocals, bass, harmonica, background vocals, drums and more drums..


Add two parts xenophobia two tablespoons of fear
And add some information that’s wrong
Mix and incubate in a bowl containing hate
The weak-minded will soon sing along

Build a wall (no thanks)
The only wall that’s needed is to wall off the orange disaster

The classic cry of dictators to channel your anger
Toward others from a different place
Instead of suspicion of the con artist in charge
Its hate a different language or race

Build a wall (screw that)
The only wall that’s needed is to wall off the orange disaster

The crime and the terror come from within
Not from Mexicans or refugees from Syria
You wouldn’t believe that watching Fox news
You just believe lies and hysteria

Build a wall (f… that)
The only wall that’s needed is to wall off the orange disaster

One third of the border is the rio grande river- whatta gonna do, build a wall in the middle of the river? No one’s arguing we should have no security at all, but an old-fashioned wall for $25 billion when we could actually have better security at a fraction of that cost, let alone the fact that net immigration from Mexico is zero, that’s not the problem anyway, this stupid idea from the guy who wants to bring back coal, where there’s less demand and less jobs then there is for alternative energy ,for no reason other then that it’ll piss off the other side. We’re being led by a vindictive insane child who has no business running the government.

© 2017 M. Skliar

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This IS a great production! All these instruments and that harmonica. Great job on a needed subject!

oneslowtyper's picture

Love it, Mike! This is toe-tappin', GOP crappin', orange dictator slappin' goodness!

Swampjaw's picture

Dig it (and dropping some serious spoken word truth at the end). And a nice step up on production; percussion, background vocals and everything!

JamKar's picture

Really enjoyed the instruments and full production going on here. You're singing to an America that is far from being "made great". Keep writing Mike!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Yes really groovy and straight forward.Good job both inwriting and performance.