How I Realized The Garage Sale via Questions of Pancakes

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How I Realized The Garage Sale via Questions of Pancakes




Liner Notes: 

metalfoot: Team A has now completed their acoustic lo-fi corpse. It took us a little longer than Team B (*glares over at @sph and that team of overachievers*) but I think it's well worth the wait. This was my first adventure as an organizer and stitcher, so I'm not as polished, production-wise, as my friend @marvsmooth... but it's turned out OK I think! I'm really glad that there wasn't a lot of huge volume-level stuff to sort out.

(Any and all team members are cordially invited to add their own liner notes here)

andygetch: Ha I misheard the lyric @metalfoot but it worked! So glad to have been a part of this Smile


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Part 1: metalfoot
"Just a Minute"

just a minute, she said to me
just a minute
please wait for me

but I was already gone
I was already gone...

I could see by the look on her face
I could see by
the frown in her eyes

I was already gone
I was already gone...

But then I realized
There was something I was missing
Then I realized...

Part 2: AndyGetch
Then I Realized (AcousticLoFi corpse part II)
Baritone guitar tuning BEADF#B (shape[actual sound])
Guitar chords (Am(Em)) - xo221o; (Em(Bm)) - o22ooo; (Dm(Am)) - xxo231; (D(A)) - xo222o; (G(D)) - 32ooo3; (A4(E4)) - xo223o;

(Em) Then I realized (Bm) something else was missing
(Am) and all that I don’t know
(Em) (Bm) (Am)

(Em) Then I realized (A) the universe keeps spinning
no matter what I think is winning
(Em) (A) (D)

(E4) In reminiscing
(G) This narrow glimpse is all I (A) see

Part 3: ChipWithrow

All I see
All that surrounds me
Is the garage sale
the endless garage sale of my mind
of my mind

Part 4: JamKar
(no words, just the glorious sound of the merlin)

Part 5: kahlo2013
(A) why did we get here?
(D) how do we (A) move on?
(A) can we work together
(D) to right what (A) is wrong?

(A) what do we still fight?
(D) when will the (A) wars cease?
(A) can we work together
(D) to create (A) true peace?

(Em) why how what when
(A) who is us who is them?
(Em) why how what when
(A) who will care (G) deep with(D)in?

(Em) why how what when
(A) who will see past our skin?
(Em) why how what when
(A) if not now (G)who will (D) win?

(Em) why how what when
(Em) why how what when
(Em) why how what when

Part 6: yam655
I'd like to solve this little bitty,
little bitty mystery
of "who, what, why, where and when."
But then, you know, I'm also hungry.

So, I think I'll eat this
great big pancake over here.
This great big pancake with my face
and with a chocolate beard.

And maybe when I'm done I'll find out
just exactly what went on,
but right now I am drinking this big
glass of orange juice and singin' a song.

"Who, what, why and where and when"
can wait until I'm done, you know.
But, this buffet is really big
and I'm gonna eat some of it all.


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Wow! Thanks, @metalfoot, for stitching. And what a title, too! I like how there's just a bit of a pause in between - it's as if all the performers are on a stage, and each one finishes a part and then turns to the next one to pick up the story. And it also has the feel of spontaneity, too, like the story is unfolding in real time. It is indeed a story, too, with questions posed and setting and resolution. Good job, everyone!

metalfoot's picture

Finding a representative title for such a sprawling work was nigh on impossible, so I just went for the gusto. Thanks for your part in it and for listening!

cindyrella's picture

What an accomplishment for every one of you! Love that title, all the lyric, all the input of everyone!

yam655's picture

This is excellent.

My daughter said @JamKar's merlin was the only part she liked. (She's not including my part in the bits she likes.)

My son liked all of it, but thought I should change my part so that I shared the pancake with people.

Really, I kind of shared the pancake with everyone else that performed the song, didn't I?'s picture

Love the group creativity of the song. Very interesting each person's interpretation.

OdilonGreen's picture

What an epic, impressive journey. Four disparate parts, somehow coming together into a creative powerhouse whole. Terrific job, all of you; I was amused at how it went from the concrete, to more and more abstract and conceptual, before coming crashing back to to the concrete absurdity of the final portion. I had lots of fun listening to the entire thing, and hearing how the different approaches came together into a free-form, stream of conscious complete unified arc.

yam655's picture

@OdilonGreen, are you sure you didn't just like it because it featured a beard? I know how you are with beard songs. Wink

AndyGetch's picture

Well stitched and great job everyone. The twists and turns from a 10 second snippet always amazes me.

JamKar's picture

What fun! I hope this becomes a 5090 tradition. The spontaneity is refreshing. And a blue ribbon goes to that title!

kahlo2013's picture

That was fun! Great team and thanks to the our wonderful stitcher! I was dying to know what Yam would do with the questions I asked! Awesome! Made me laugh! Thanks for letting me join in!

mike skliar's picture

wow, what a fun journey, everyone- and it held together well, too!

particularly loved (not to single anyone out, ya'll were great...) chip with that indian melody thing and jamkar with that 'merlin' solo (had to look up 'merlin musical instrument'- interesting! whats the tuning?)

JamKar's picture

@mike skliar Mike the tuning is a diatonic D. 4 strings from the bottom are D, A, D, D. (Top two strings are in unison). Really a blast to play! There are many youtube recordings of the Merlin.

metalfoot's picture

And a few recordings of me playing merlin both here and at FAWM earlier this year!

sph's picture

Sorry, that I haven't commented earlier, been away (or better still am) but now found the time to download it and listen to it in it's full glory. Very nice effort by everyone and skillfully stitched!

tcelliott's picture

I like how the lyric stays fairly spot on, albeit somewhat existential taken as a whole. Which is very hard to do with an instrumental section (which I like, btw) I would think. And of course, with that tasty chocoloate chip pancake twisty ending. Which gives the whole thing a wry feel to my ears.