Cannon Beach Jig

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Cannon Beach Jig



Liner Notes: 

I usually write a few of these each summer. This one, I wrote the B part for on mandolin during my travels on the Oregon coast.

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A rather pleasant, danceable melody. Nicely arranged too!

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This is so joyful. The flutes are lovely. I like the staggered entries - bass, fiddle, percussion. Really impressed by your multi-instrumental musicianship sir.

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Well, that just makes me happy. (You journeyed along the Oregon Coast and didn't say hi?!) You put a lot of work into this one. The tambourine is icing on the cake

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Brits of a certain age will remember the films of Oliver Postgate, all of which featured music from an ensemble who played a very similar selection of instruments to those used here. This has the same wistful, lyrical quality as the Smallfilms music, and it has taken me right back to my childhood and a simpler, happier age. Thank you - beautiful!

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So much joy! I love this. The melody sounds very traditional, like it's been around forever, but the B section adds just enough variation to keep it interesting. And your arrangement adds so much to this as well. I adore your playing on all the instruments.

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Nice! I was just listening to Astral Weeks by Van Morrison a few minutes ago, and this lovely tune of yours continues that organic vibe. Melodic and uplifting.