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Liner Notes: 

When I first read Doug's lyrics, I immediately was drawn into this heart-breaking story. He kindly allowed me to tweak a few lines to work for my performance. Hope you like this!


An avalanche is on the verge:
A winter's worth of snow
Threatening to submerge
The home we built below

1. A chilling wind comes blowing through the Colorado trees and the snow's been building up for way too long.
I always thought the love we shared was more than evergreen; your needle and your spoon have made me wrong.

2. We moved here to flee the race and ski the Rocky's slopes and to roam the mountain meadows in the sun.
Your start-up business hit a wall, dashing all your hopes. Now, every day you're coming more undone.

I can't seem to reach the you I love.
I can't pull you out of your blues
When powder means one thing to me
And something else to you.
Our home's become a house
Through this stormy weather.
I can't save this home all on my own
When we built it together.

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Gosh, this is so moving and sad! You captured it so perfectly. Astonishing song and collab!

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exciting vocal dynamics keep me on the ege of my brain. lyricist did a subtle job if telling his addiction melodrama through symbols.

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Those high notes genuinely made me tear up. You really sold the tragedy of Doug's story. Bravo guys!

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This tune is lovely and will finally move the Leonard Cohen sound out of autoplay when I see this title.

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Beautiful, Colleen. Your bridge is definitely a huge improvement over mine and your singing on the second line in the bridge really got me! I really enjoyed the change in the guitar and vocals at the end. It's funny that every time I worked on this lyric over the past week or so I heard at least a dash of country in it but you managed to make it sound like it always was meant to be pure folk. Thanks for another wonderful collaboration!

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I really LOVE this song - everything about it! Spectacular collaboration in all respects - vocals - phrasing, dynamics, clarity, emotion are perfect. The song reaches in deep!

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I commented before on Doug's awesome lyrics so it is quite a treat now to hear Colleen's music completing the song! Such a delightful folk melody. And your vocals sell it so very well...so much emotion coming through! An excellent collaboration that you should both be very proud of!!!

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Your voice is sweet and sad ... a lovely combination. Melody is beautiful! Lyrics are a clever mix of metaphor and reality, and I like the double meaning of "powder" and "snow." Nice collab!