The First Amendment

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The First Amendment



Liner Notes: 

Prompt from the Songskirmish website and Facebook group. I can say its a daft prompt because I randomly picked it. Avoided the temptation to go political, instead I went relationship with the lyric. All lines have five syllables. I started with three line groupings but played with that and edited a bit before recording. Was the first take, and didn't feel like edits or cleanup now. I may work on this more later.


The First Amendment
Baritone guitar tuning BEADF#B
Chords [shapes relative to nut(actual sound)]
[A6(E6)] - xo2222; [B6(F#6)] - x24444; [C#m(G#m)] - x46654;
[A(E)] - xo222o; [E(B)] - o221oo; [E5(B5)] - o22xoo;

Verse 1
[A6(E6)] Each days renewal
[B6(F#6)] Interest accrual
[C#m(G#m)] Met with refusal
[A6(E6)] Asked for extension
[B6(F#6)] Quote left no mention
[C#m(G#m)] Cold intervention
[A(E)] The first amendment
[E(B)] To our agreement
[E5(B5)] Made a difference

Verse 2
[A6(E6)] Is it sufficient
[B6(F#6)] Or just proficient
[C#m(G#m)] Nuclear fission
[A6(E6)] You chose dramatic
[B6(F#6)] Broke diplomatic
[C#m(G#m)] Hope ran in panic
[A(E)] The first amendment
[E(B)] To our agreement
[E5(B5)] Made a difference

Verse 3
[A6(E6)] Had to configure
[B6(F#6)] Conflict got bigger
[C#m(G#m)] Weight pulled the trigger
[A6(E6)] Shook red explosions
[B6(F#6)] In mixed emotions
[C#m(G#m)] Cut off devotions
[A(E)] The first amendment
[E(B)] To our agreement
[E5(B5)] Set a precedent

Verse 4
[A6(E6)] Once love transcended
[B6(F#6)] Till it blended
[C#m(G#m)] Burned it ended
[A(E)] The first agreement amendment
[E(B)] To our agreement
[E5(B5)] Made it excrement

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Lou Reed would have kicked ass with this song. Another couple takes and youll be kicking ass too. This has a lot of potential. Im hearing it blossom out in my head.

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Really interesting sound to this piece, Andy and I like the concept of the five-syllable lines.

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Multi-syllabic rhymes are on point, interesting chords and concept with the 5 syllable lines.

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I love what you got here! Beautiful chord progression with descriptive lyrics spoken in a surprisingly emotional deadpan. You have something really unique and cool here. Good work!