Parable of the Stonecutter

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Parable of the Stonecutter


Liner Notes: 

I wrote the first version of these about 4 years ago and decided to dig it out and revamp it. Needs music and vocals.


Parable of the Stonecutter
© 2017 Cindy Prince

It's hard work
Day after day
Chipping out grooves in the stone
There's a merchant
Oh how rich
He has nothing in life to bemoan

I'm a merchant
Buying nice goods
I have everything I could ever need
There's an official
Look at his life
If I were him I would succeed

I'm an official
Others bow down
Just look at the power I hold
The sun's hot
Up in the sky
Shining its beams of pure gold

I am the sun
My rays are strong
I warm the whole of the earth
Look at that cloud
It can make rain
Its value has such strength and worth

I'm a cloud
Making a storm
I'll prove to all I'm everything
Look at that rock
Standing so still
Looks like perhaps it is king

I am the rock
I'm very strong
Nothing can alter my form
Oh the chisel
Chipping away
With patience and time comes reform

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I remember this story! Nobody's satisfied Smile I can't decide which verse is my favorite. Glad you pulled this one out to try it again.

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I don't know the story but I love how you told it and it has a real resonance to it. I really felt like there was a roving eye jumping from place to place.