Reason Six - Resist

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Reason Six - Resist



Liner Notes: 

A fun bossa ditty with flute and harmon-mute trumpet solos. Also hitting the #week7 challenge.


Nothing to waste so nothing is wasted
I don’t wanna change
We all have our own ways to remember
I don’t wanna change


Crying baby on an aeroplane
I don’t wanna change


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this is charming and a great vibe. Love that phrasing on 'i dont wanna change' with the instrumental responses and then the solos.. great work!

the flute and trumpet playing (and the guitar) is wonderful!

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Nice take on the small steps challenge which is hard. Flute and trumpet are charming (LOVE muted trumpet), especially how they echo "I don't want to change". The vocal percussion is unexpected, and you nailed the bossa groove on the guitar and bass!

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One of these days, I'll learn this rhythm. Sigh...
Nice, cryptic lyrics. Love the winds so much! What a perfect ending. Smile
Traveling today. I hope I miss all the crying babies on aeroplanes!

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Nice groove. And that flute punctuation is lovely (I don't always love flute, but this is really appropriate). The horn part is cool too. Pretty piece, and a fun listen. The tight rhythm reflects the "Small steps" prompt really well, I think.

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Man, I really want to be on the beach drinking something with fancy decorations and I want it to be on a bright technicolor tv series from the 70s. I adore this! It's pure joy.

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This is fun, with a good, slightly oddball sense of humor, sweet instrumentals, and a bossa swing. Well done.