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Liner Notes: 

The thing that bothers me the most about the recent protests by the alt-right is that many of these people consider themselves to be Christian while doing things that go completely against Christianity. And unfortunately, the leaders of some of these faiths have exacerbated and helped to breed the racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other evils while lightly punishing those in their midst who rape women and abuse children.

These Christian terrorists are crusaders in the same sense that Muslim terrorists can be called jihadists.....in both cases, their extremism is condemned by the core beliefs in their faiths and cheapen these religions.

I left my church almost two years ago because I was dissatisfied with how leadership was handling these fundamental issues of the gospel. I have found a new church that is committed to social justice and I'm excited to share my gifts there.


1. All right, my Christian friends, let's have a conversation about our bias and split ends that are tearing up our nations.
We use the Bible liberally to make judgments on our neighbor. But, Jesus called us all to love. On that, we should not waver.

So, call off the war on refugees;
being human is not illegal.
Skin pigment or shape of eyes
is no excuse for evil.
The great commandment is to love
and love unconditionally.
If you are trying to love God,
then stop your bigotry.

2. Look around your chapel on Sunday. Do all members look like you?
If there is low diversity, you're shunning quite a few. God's creation is so vast and wide, complicated and varied.
To love God, we must cease to judge to whom someone is married.

3. Have you noticed lately fewer people in the pews? You may say, "They chose to sin!" But, that is no excuse.
(We're all sinners.)
Jesus said, "Before you choose to take out your brother's speck, first take wood beams from your eyes!" Let's give more respect.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Wonderful! And I agree totally. I go to a Universalist church now and love it. All are welcome and we have what is called Radical Welcome. It is so hard to me to understand how some Christians or anyone gets to the point of this. Anyhow, brilliant in every way!

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I think God is so much bigger and more accepting than most Christians give Him credit for. I love this song. Jesus came for everyone. He was not exclusive at all.

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Great message and all, but...I am SO IN LOVE with your voice! Bravo! Bravo! Keep 'em coming!

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Actual shivers up my spine Smile Your voice is so pure and the vibrato - chills! And the message is so essential. I'm a heathen but it's great to hear a believer say this. There's a lot of ugliness here in Australia at the moment over the marriage equality debate, refugees etc.

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That was really beautiful, and so very true. I kind of teared up while I was listening to it.

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I know! Let's put 'Christ' back in Christian already. Great write, and I enjoy the folksy speak-singing mix you use to tell the story. Humanity has a long way to come, but here we are, building culture one song at a time. There's hope yet.