Eclipse Selfies

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Eclipse Selfies



Liner Notes: 

The Facebook group Get Your A** Writing Songs prompt this week is 'Eclipse'. We vote on prompts the week before. So far my choices usually do not get the most votes. In this case I did vote for eclipse early and also liked another later entry prompt 'Lemons' so I snuck that one in the bridge. I was gonna write something all science-y and philosophical, okay well I did a little of that. Instead I was observing most of the people in my office going outside to view the event. I was thinking, "okay alot of people will take good pictures of the eclipse and post them on social media so I don't need to risk my eyesight. I'll stay in the office to see another day." Okay there were a few good posted pictures. However, the overwhelming majority of eclipse pictures were selfies in a variety of types of glasses, welding masks, looking through boxes, etc.. So I'm name checking some of my friends who posted eclipse selfies. I love them all though Smile


Eclipse Selfies
Ukelele chords

Verse C F G
Moons aligning with Sols sightline
Making the day seem like nighttime
Everyone’s scramblin for a pair of eclipse glasses
Piling out the door playing hooky from work or class

Chorus 1 G D Em C
Into the sun
Afternoon just begun
Its not so unusual
Happens all the time
I just can’t see the big picture
Cause I’m just a tiny pixel

Verse 2
There’s Becky and Mary
Dharma and Tessa
And Will and Steve
Chelsea and Sarah
Smiles and giggles to see
What’s the big deal

What was I doing Feb 26, 1979
I don’t remember
The last time a partial eclipse passed Florida
Nineteen year old college freshman
Either studying or working

Bridge 1 A Dm
Lemons in their drinks
Staring at the sun no time to think
Eating something fried with onions
Eclipse selfies staring at the sun
Selfies hash tagging
Is better than president bashing
Semicircles dragging
There goes the moon crashing

Chorus 2 G D Em C
Into the sun
Afternoon just begun
Its not so unusual
Happens all the time
We just can’t see the big picture
Cause we’re just a tiny pixel

What was I doing August 21, 2017
I don’t remember
Another partial eclipse
Fifty-seven still in the office

Repeat Chorus 2

And we’re sublime eclipse selfies

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That so fun! I totally remember what I was doing on the last eclipse. They mad us make these little pinhole viewers in school so we could all watch it. I don't actually remember the eclipse itself though. Kids. I bet I won't remember this eclipse because I did not make a pinhole viewer, not did I go buy $50 eclipse glasses. Without those, you couldn't even tell it was an eclipse here. Looked like full sun. Anyway, great lines in this. Better than President basking. Ha! I try not to bash the pres out of respect for his position, though I found myself calling him an idiot just yesterday. I should work on that. Smile