Inverse Pages

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Inverse Pages




Liner Notes: 

This song is the fifth in the all instrumental morph chain thread found here:
So far we have:
@sph - *21098
@plainwhitetoast - *21536
@pipewrench67 - *22959
@izaak - *23314

I listened to izaak's wonderful multi-instrumental solo chops, sighed and kept everything I could. Two chord arpeggio on 12 string guitar tuned down a step as a base track, although I slowed the tempo down. I used MIDI keyboard simulations of strings and trombone to sorta keep but change the cello and flute. Then I added MIDI wordless choral ensembles. This was more of a challenge than I suspected but fun!


Inverse Pages (Morph)
3/4 time 70 bpm

There are no lyrics the chord pattern (with variations on the four notes in the chords) is:

8 bars Fadd9 (F G A C)
4 bars Bbadd9 (Bb D F Ab)
8 bars Fadd9
4 bars Bbadd9
8 bars Fadd9

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh this is sublime! I love the feeling I get and it is so very beautiful. Great job!

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Felt like being transported to a contemplative and safe place, which was good, so I played it again. Nice!

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So peaceful and meditative... I recognize that feeling of breathing/sighing from when I recorded my piece... sort of an ebb and flow that makes both pieces work in their respective ways... I love the twelve string... sort of wish I had one... tricky to pick out arpeggios on it I'm guessing, but your playing is great here. There is a feeling of being lifted, rising up, floating, that you've captured and I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!!

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Very beautiful and somewhat weird in the middle. LOve the dreamy mixture as issome nightmare wants to enter but can't force the wall of love

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Oh, this is nice. I will listen to this a while before I'm going to answer with a tune to it.

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This was lovely. I quite enjoyed it. Smile

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The contrast in sounds on this piece was striking and kept my interest. Thanks for sharing.