Not Half As Hot As You

Not Half As Hot As You

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Liner Notes: 

Trying to write a song while someone else in the room is singing Antonio Jobim bossa novas.
Focus in the midst of distractions. Or in the midst of inspirations?


The afternoon sun beats on the pavement
The tar is soft and bubbling
What's troubling is it's not half as hot as you

A pot of pasta heats on the oven
The water boils and spatters
What matters is it's not half as hot as you

When you walk into the room I feel overheated
I want to rip off all my clothes and jump into the freezer
I stand underneath the fan and sweat discretely
And wonder if tonight's the night you'll stand near me

The evil curry prince with his coven
He's laughing at my banter
My answer is it's not half as hot as you

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This is fun and funny and skillful and amazing that you could do it with music in the background, something I can never manage.

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Love the sentiment and the wonderful comparisons! It would work for this week's challenge! Lots of hotness here'