Hidden Treasure

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Hidden Treasure




Liner Notes: 

Songskirmish to write a song in an hour. I started and finished a half-hour late. Selected a random from a number sequence and the prompt. Recorded arpeggio guitar and chord plucks, and shakers to a metronome. Then I remembered tales of how the people who consistently made money during the gold rush were people who sold shovels and maps, and my grandpa, so that became some hasty verses.


Hidden Treasure
5/4 time Short cut capo fret IV strings 234
Repeat arpeggio progression Guitar chord shapes relative to capo Dmaj7 Em Dmaj7 A5

Buried deep
Miles underground
Legends and lore
Untold riches

X marks the spot
Shovels and maps sold here
You can strike it rich
With hidden treasure

Cold as hell down there frozen boiling
Got to be better than it is here

Grandpa chased that dream
Till the day he died
Never finding
Hidden treasure

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Weird and otherworldly, the 5/4 rhythm and repetitions giving it an even more off-kilter feel. But there's also something primal and, indeed, almost touching about this story of frustrated dreams, especially the final verse.

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I like the spareness and that kind of unsettling / ominous guitar figure (maybe suggesting the hidden treasure isn't as wonderful as the legends suggest). Good skirmish!

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Oh bless you, Andy. Short cut capo (aka partial capo). My favourite tool of the trade this 50/90!
The 5/4 creates an off-balanced feel to the song which is accented by the jazzy chords.
Interesting lyrical reflection too.

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pretty filmable, maybe animation? Lol great work!

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Like the chords you used and the easy kind of jazzy feel to this. Kind of a bittersweet sentiment of an unfulfilled search but yet some optimism in the chorus remains!

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Really creative and interesting stuff! I love how far you took this suggestion out of the mainstream.

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It's funny how attached I got to the metered feeling of time passing with your sometimes delicately jazzy and sometimes a bit dissonant chords and arpeggios. I miss it now that it has stopped. There's a tenderness to this, as you paint the picture of how a dream was chased but never fulfilled. Touches me.