Hidden Treasure

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Hidden Treasure




Liner Notes: 

Grr... rather embarrassing for me in terms of rhythmic precision. I forget how ready you have to be to skirmish at a high quality... I couldn't get the uptempo bluegrass sound a wanted at all. The rhythm is all sorts of off, and it is so important to the style. Still up and posted within an hour, right. Thant counts for something. Maybe dust off the process for me a bit so I can get back in the game. Thanks for the prompt @corinne54 !!


I used to draw these maps of places make believed
Illustrated with mountain ranges, roads, and groves of ancient trees
Lands unseen and the widest kind of country
Messages in code and secrets cleverly concealed
The hidden, hidden treasure
Hidden treasure

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I think the guitar sounds good. Yeah, it's tough to get perfect quality in an hour. If I like the idea of what I did, I sometimes go back and redo it. Good work and good luck!

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Wonderfully dreamy lyric! It has a rather golden gleam about it. And I like where you were taking this musically. A great fit for the words, and very current sound. If you give it more effort, I'd come back for another listen, to hear it more how you intended.

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The lyrics set the mood of mystery and childhood imagination beautifully. And while I'm not sure I fully got "bluegrass" from this initial demo, I found the guitar (? something stringed?) to have a skittish energy that propelled the song along nicely.

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Ah, who needs precision in a skirmish? You got the musical idea across, and I like the lyrical thrust of the imaginary world with its hidden treasure.

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This has such a easy kind of bluegrass feeling that I actually like as it seems to complement your lyrics well.

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Thats a lot going on in a skirmish, whats a little free time tune among friends anyway Smile

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I like the "unevenness" of the music- It's like newgrass/new wave bluegrass Smile The succinctness of the lyrics fit the music quite well.