The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

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The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

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This is probably the most I've 'rocked out' in a while. I saw the phrase 'the party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee', referring, of course, to the Republican Party of the US, which has not only shifted rightward in the last 40 years by a large degree, but has started to practice voter suppression of minorities, and remained largely silent,and for the most part supported and approved of ,the orange disaster in the white house (who started his political career with a birther lie, among other things, and now declaims that the nazis and those opposed to them were equally bad.)

Ok, enough politics, let's rock out!

This is about as big a production as I do- rhythm guitar, bass, two tracks of (hand-triggered electronic) drums, vocals, and my old Fender Strat playing lead guitar...


Here’s a little news about the GOP
The party of Lincoln who set the slaves free
But starting with Nixon’s southern strategy
The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

Voter suppression’s the new reality
Disqualify blacks and minorities
Its part of their playbook, its one of their keys
The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

They chase scared whites with no college degree
Cultivating fear and making it ugly
Demonizing immigrants from overseas
The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

You can say I’m wrong and that you disagree
But I can say this without hyperbole
The birther lie’s believed by half of your party
The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

Put this up on every marquee
Yell it from the hills like it’s a sacred decree
It’s a sad fact but it’s reality
The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

I will make you this one guarantee
When the republicans lose I will react with glee
Feel free to sing this along with me
The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee

(c) M. Skliar

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Yikes! The title hit me like a hammer! The rockin drive on this is fantastic and the lyrics are phenomenal! Love all of the details and the rapid fire delivery! You hit a home run with this one!!!!

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I'm so impressed by the AAAAAAAAAAAA... rhyme scheme. I like the refrain rather than a chorus, which keeps it moving. Rockin'! Been enjoying all your political songs, they're razor-sharp and witty.

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Yes! Though I would say it started with FDR and the Democratic Party abandoning the white southern voters in favor of civil rights legislation. Very well done all around... concise, energetic, fun to listen to, and with a very sharp point.

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Those guitars are fun. And that solo is pretty tasty both in tone and playing. This music is really good. You should do more of this style.

Lyrically, it's pretty partisan, but it's a good angle to write from. I could hear this getting some air play on some left wing radio stations (read public funded radio.) Funnily enough, I've been reading about Lee and it seems that he didn't want to go to war to protect slavery, but was loyal to his state and the decision it made. In fact, he was against raising statues to the confederacy from what I've read (which is a good argument for removing them.) It really is an interesting subject with much more depth than we hear about today. Not that it matters much.

Also, wasn't it the southern democrats who came to the republican party that gave them the bad reputation? I mean as opposed to just Nixon?

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It can be confusing but you explain it clearly. The so important payoff line sounds catchy!

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Fantastic, surgically precise lyrics that are cutting indictments of the Republican mess in the United States at the moment.