Maybe I'm Antisocial Baby

Maybe I'm Antisocial Baby

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Liner Notes: 

8 of us are sitting around, waiting for event next door to end.
I'm being antisocial, writing a song instead of talking.
@Kahlo2013 commented on the first 2 verses. Which is all I had Friday

Sun 20: Finding it hard to write w other people talking. Right now I got someone playing Maroon 5 karaoke tracks. So see where this goes.

There was one person in particular who I worked side by side with for three days. Í couldn't wait to get away. This song's for you Smile


I was social yesterday
Listened to your political rants
You didn't have much to say
But you said it often
Said it loudly

Now I want to sit alone
Resting in a creative state
I'm scrawling another poem
That I'll never show you
Never sing you

Maybe I'm antisocial, baby
Maybe I'm tired and overly emotional
Maybe I'm antisocial, baby
Wanna be left alone, left alone
Maybe I'm antisocial, baby
Drained from all the negativity
An introspective wreck, or maybe
Maybe I'm antisocial, baby

I was social yesterday
Laughing at all your stupid jokes
I wasted a day of life
That I'll never replace
Never get back


I know I'm not a misanthrope
Nope, I like other people
It's just you, I'm so through
Your drug experimentations
Your philosophical proclamations
The open criticisms
Lame attempts at witticisms
I'll try again tomorrow
Try again tomorrow maybe


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Oh that is a party tactic I am intimately familiar with!
I wrote a song last month about my introvert social ways even in preparation for a gathering! You second stanza captures that need for alone time well!