Dream of Consciousness

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Dream of Consciousness

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Colleen: I came across Cindy's lyrics last night and immediately had a tune come to mind. Hope I have done her lyrics justice.


Dream of Consciousness
© 2014 Cindy Prince

Somewhere anywhere before time was real
I lie in my coffin over and over again
Weeping faces of grief suspended over me
Is it tears is it a sobbing rain

Circle round circle round earth heaven hell bound
Over and over without a sound but of the weeping

Centuries of birth crying in a crib
Who is my mother father where do I reside
Born into poverty royalty other realities
Die with a sword gun plague next to my bride

Circle round circle round earth heaven hell bound
Over and over without a sound but of the weeping

On and on does it stop no one right no one wrong
Cemeteries full massive melting pots
Colors soldiers healers of the sick old women
Taking first breaths again as we rot

Circle round circle round earth heaven hell bound
Over and over without a sound but of the weeping

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Oh it is wonderful! I want to listen over and over-just brilliant and thanks!

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Great song. Such image rich lyrics that are dark but not without hope. I love the pertinence as well. It's light and has a depth to it that just magus every line shine. What a great song. Fantastic collab!

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Very sweet rendition of Cindy's lyric. She does inspire us doesn't she! I especially love the "ooo's" Sounds Celtic...Love it! Good job. Give rose

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Powerful lyrics paired with a beautiful fragile performance. There are some lovely melodies in there which immediately got stuck in my head.

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Such a sweet voice, my dear. Nice job on the lyrics cindyrella! Really enjoyed this!

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Lovely, haunting, delicate musical treatment - suits the contemplation of the wonderful words. Great collab!

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That chorus melody is very good. It really drew me in. I like the lyric, it's heavy without being suffocating. It has some imagery that I like and good use of contrast.

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Truly gorgeous collaboration! I agree that there is a haunting but hopeful quality in the rich images of the stream of conscious lyrics. The music is spot on perfect for the sentiment - so gentle and melodious.

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The jukebox *definitely* likes you, as this has just popped on my stream and I thought "This is nice, it has to be @colgoo..."

Powerful writing. And oh, if only we really could stop the weeping.

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Really delicate performance ... quite affecting! Lyrics are very poetic ... lines like "Circle round circle round earth heaven hell bound" and "weeping faces of grief" are beautiful.

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juat heard this on the jukebox and wow..what a song. beautiful lyrics sung to a delicate perfection.