participation trophies

participation trophies

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(c) 08.18.2017 time and ink

verse 1

so they're taking down the participation trophies
and many mayors are joining in
those who are protesting ain't wavin old glory
and they ain't tryin to make friends.

verse 2

some people claim we are tearing down heritage
that we aren't tearing down hate
i'm hoping such uninformed are the rarities
as they're devoid of facts for debate.

verse 3

the alt.right presents: violence on the halfshell
and they're coming out swinging
but all the noise they're making is their death knell
yes the bells of change are ringing.


they're taking down the participation trophies
you know the ones-- civil war, second place
yes they're taking down the participation trophies
and moving them to the museum case.

verse 4

baltimore took down their trophies in the night
to avoid any racist protest
they decided to clear out the clutter for the light
and that here and now is the best.

verse 5

another adolph hipster chants blood and soil
another johnny reb won't be replaced
the million martyr march festers like an open boil
hate held hard in their embrace.


they just
took down a statue read "civil war, second place"
and the day went the usual way
then they put up a sign that said "watch this space"
and went on a busker's holiday.


participation trophies.
participation trophies.

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Did you know that most of those so called Civil War statues were actually erected years later during Jim Crow. Makes it even worse, eh? Can you imagine if Germany had erected statues of Hitler & his generals 40 or 50 years AFTER the end of WWII. Unbelievable! Thanks for this lyric...hope all is well down under. Smile

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This is a really well written lyric! I love the "participation trophies" title/hook!!! That really is what these awful statues are! Well, they represent much worse of course. I love how you tell this story!! Nice!!!

mike skliar's picture

nicely done! this is very insightful and well written....

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You're a little more blatant that I like in this lyric, but I can't argue that you didn't write it well. I'm sure this will go over very well with your intended audience.

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Biting! Adolph hipster Biggrin Participation trophies is particularly clever - I'm always hearing from right wingers about leftard snowflakes and their participation trophy culture. This up-ends that rhetoric.