For Shame

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For Shame

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So, this came with my frustrations with Charlottesville and the alt-right movement. I will be trying to write more peaceful protest songs, too, because I don't think violence is the solution to building tolerance and equality. But, silence in the face to hate is also not he answer. Peacemaking is not about allowing those with hate in their hearts to hurt others. It is about standing up for those who are being bullied.


1. Standing in your shirt so white,
It's your fifteen minutes of fame.
Sweat drips down, your eyes shine bright,
Is protecting a statue your aim?
'Cause your mouth is spewing hate
To the protestors who wait
As you stand under a rebel's flag,
Chanting out "blood and soil"
Burning the midnight oil
Shouting out "pussy" and "fag"...

For shame, for shame, for shame
Tamping down your white guilt
Throwing all the blame, the blame, the blame
On anyone who's not yourself
Holding up a flame, a flame, a flame
Trying to intimidate all those you hate
Shame, shame, shame.....

2. Marching in your shirt so white,
Do they think that this is a game?
Crowd pushes back--they want a fight?
'Cause that's really why you came...
If it's a white man's world,
Why don't you have a girl?
Where did your power go?
You don't want to sit in silence
So you've turned to violence
To turn down that voice in your soul...


3. Standing in your shirt so white,
Everyone knows your name.
A press conference, you have the mic
You said, "Both sides are to blame".
Sir, you know deep in your soul
This came from your control:
You went and fed this monster.
Too weak to realize
Too late to apologize
We know you're an imposter.

Blame it on the "fake news",
Immigrants, blacks, Jews.
Blame it on the poor.
Blame it on feminists,
Islamic terrorists,
We know what's in store.....


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Yes and bravo! I try to write too about peace but sometimes you just can't. This is so spot on! Love the bridge!

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well done! Obviously this is a horrible situation and many of us have been writing political-themed songs about this event (and the things that flow from it) -I've written several songs about the event and the shameful reaction by the orange disaster, etc. as well.

this has appropriate anger and it's focused and well done! so many great lines! that repetition of the words 'shame' and flame is a great touch, too.

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This is VERY POWERFUL and SPOT ON! I am glad you wrote this song and glad that you shared it here. You perfectly describe these hate-filled scum who are a blight on our country. Strong vocals so full of feeling reminding me of the 60s when artists sang from their hearts about evil. And your lyrics are brilliant! I especially love that chorus with the rhyming of "For shame, for shame, for shame / the blame, the blame, the blame / a flame, a flame, a flame / Shame, shame, shame"!!!

And, obviously, I agree with everything you are singing! The only thing I would change is the NSFW tag as I feel this is PERFECT for work or church or home or public square or anywhere! Great work!

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I put the tag on because "pussy" and "fag" and other words filled with that level of hate are swear words to me, as deplorable as "fuck", "dick" and "damn it all to hell". Believe me, I used a lot of restraint in writing these lyrics....I'm really fed up with the executive branch of the U.S. Government right now.

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Very nice job! Charlottesville seems to have inspired a lot of music this week. Love the lyric "If it's a white man's world, Why don't you have a girl?" Ouch! Nice vocal performance and great lyrics!

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Such a well done important song. Music is not the answer but I am hoping that music of voices united in opposing hate, oppression, discrimination, violence will help us bring change. This song is powerful and so well done.

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you are surely kicking some white ass here. i love the construction of the song, from the double time of the second half of the verses to the triplicate repitition of the rhymes in the chorus. and imposter is about the most accurate descriiption of mr. 45 that i have heard.

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Bravo. Not what I was expecting though. I thought somehow you would have a hopeful refrain. It is very good though!