God Is Too Big

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God Is Too Big



Liner Notes: 

My banjo case has a sticker on it: "God is too big to fit into one religion." I didn't buy the sticker or ask for it: I found it at the end of my driveway a few years ago.
I'm surprised it took me until now to write a song like this.
I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a 10-day yoga training, so I just posted two demos within minutes of each other. I'll be able to check in and comment on songs and post in forums while I'm away.


God is too big for what I know
God is too big for what you know
We are too small to understand it at all
God is too big for what we know

God is too big for what I comprehend
God is too big for what you comprehend
Can’t figure it all out, you can have faith yet doubt
God is too big for what I comprehend

God is too big for me to call my own
God is too big for you to call your own
Too big for walls, too big for meeting halls
God is too big for anyone to call their own

God is too big to keep to myself
God is too big to keep to yourself
And so we should share
That’s how we repair
God is too big to keep to keep to our tiny selves
God is so big and so deep in ourselves

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This is really wonderful, and a timeless (and timely) message. Love the way you kept to that rhyming scheme too, with that great internal rhyme in the 3rd/4th line... sometimes simple says it best, especially with a difficult concept like this- and that last verse is such a great way to end it..
i think this is one of my favorites of yours!

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That is so true and so concislely written. I really appreciate your way with words in this. Such a great song. I enjoyed listening very much!

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Great tune! The guitar pattern and lyrics both follow the traditional Guthrie, Seeger, etc format, and it just fits perfectly with the theme of the words.
This would be a great one to sing along to.

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Great sentiment, and the lyrics and melody are very accessible. It really does have a timeless quality to it.

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Really nice lyrics. I appreciate the sentiment you share here. Thank you for sharing this with us.