Forbidden Teenage Romance

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Forbidden Teenage Romance


Liner Notes: 

Usually I get really upset when I go to a different site and lose my lyrics
Not this song. It was worth losing.
See if I can come up with something better
Yep. But I'm out of writing time. Will have to finish later.

Finished. I m not finding recording time this year. Maybe tomorrow? Friday?


She was sitting by the fountain
of the local Howard Johnson's
Twisting a corner of her long blonde hair
I was far from home
She looked up from her phone
And smiled so I walked over there

We joked about the lobbies of budget rate hotels
We spoke about bad family vacations
Shared Cokes and freaked about the violence
At the morning demonstrations

Forbidden teenage romance
I didn't know that she was supposed to be the enemy
She was just a kid like me
Bored, alone, a little horny
Forbidden teenage romance
Whispers, holding hands
A kiss behind the plastic plants
Forbidden teenage romance

In the mornings we'd be screaming
In the afternoons we're scheming
How to ditch our parents for the night
Every morning chanting slogans
Waving banners rants unbroken
She's there winking on the other side

We joked about making out in the swimming pool
We spoke about keeping in touch when we went back to school
Shared Cokes and freaked about parental rules
We knew that we were breaking


We joked about both switching to the other's side
We spoke about the issues and human pride
Shared Cokes and held eachother and cried
We knew that we were leaving


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nice work! paints a really interesting picture... every line advances the story well..