Pearl Handled Beauty

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Pearl Handled Beauty



Liner Notes: 

Every 50/90 and FAWM, I do at least one a capella song. (Is it two Ps or one? I'm going by the tag that popped up.)
Sort of a dark song that turns out almost OK in the end. Based loosely on a true story.


Pearl handled beauty knocked three times on my door
I didn’t answer til you knocked four

Pearl handled beauty do you guarantee what you claim
Should I even know your first name?

Pearl handled beauty, oh you look so fine
Blow out the candle, shut the blind

Pearl handled beauty I like the way you feel
Supper’s ready – my favorite meal

Pearl handled beauty I like the way you feel
But I think this movie got one more reel

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So "pearl handle" to me summons the image of a pistol. And I'm not a "gun guy" by any means. So for me the song is full of a bit of foreboding. Will the gun in the first act go off in the third?

Why do we know her last name but not her first? Is she kind of an introvert jock who goes by the last name only? Jones! Pick it up! We got a game to win!

Then supper's ready, so this is not a first date. Then the movie has another reel -- nice suspensful ending.

The metaphor is cool, and obviously a bit mysterious to me. Fun listen.

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Great metaphorical song and love the way you deliver it with your simple shaker and vox.

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Oh, this is cool. Really well done and agree completely with what has been said. Love the phrase "pearl-handled beauty." Would love to hear a follow-up song the movie's next real Wink Awesome work!

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Interesting mysterious lyrics- who or what is this pearl-handed beauty? A knife? A woman? Ends in great suspense as well.

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I like the pause, the phrasing in the verse lines. That simple rhythm is a nice accompaniment with the a cappella vocal rendition. I do like the title and how you used that descriptor throughout. And I'm happy with the non-tragic ending, at least.