Corpus Progressus Uno

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Corpus Progressus Uno




Liner Notes: 

This is an "exquisite corpse" (pieces around a minute or so stitched together to make a whole) that involves participants providing sections that are progressive in genre. A couple of years ago, I actually thought that it seemed natural for there to be a progressive corpse, because at times, progressive rock songs are actually like little segments stitched together, such as Close To The Edge by Yes, 2112 by Rush, etc...

Stitcher - marvsmooth

Participants -
1. marvsmooth (00:00 - 01:51)
2. sph (01:41 - 03:09)
3. JamKar (03:05 - 04:06)
4. AndyGetch (04:02 - 05:30)
5. pipewrench67 (05:16 - )
6. hazeyjohnii ( )
7. Fuzzy ( )
8. headfirstonly ( )

I apologise for my terrible introductory 1 minute and 51 seconds (rule books be darned). I will finish filling in the timings later! I didn't have time to replace the bad sequenced bass with real bass either (my 5-string is at the doctor's).

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Really nice adventure! Great job everyone!

Nice work everyone. My section was taken from a long lost prog rock triple album dramatisation of the book of Genesis. This is an extract from the last track on side 1, CHAPTERS 6-9: NOAH. This part is from the peak of the raging flood. Didn't want to use the NSFW tag so I cut it off before the orgy commenced and the track descended into the horrific caterwauls of various hybrid and inbred offspring.

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So much fun -- such interesting sounds and textures throughout. All of you contributed your own voices musically to this and it really was 'marv'ellously stitched!

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Quite a journey! Thank you to everyone involved!

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That was absolutely fabulous guys!

I even enjoyed my own bit, which I wasn't too sure about until now!

I don't want to single anyone out, but you all gave your top game here, and it shows!

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Yeah, great work everybody!!
Really impressive work from you all!
Really lush sounding (except for my part, that is)!

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I disagree Fuzzy.

I think your section is fabulous in a way similar to Bonzo Dog Band, Egg, Zappa, and similar experimental progressive/psychedelic acts.

Everyone has provided fascinating pieces that have created a wonderful whole that, I think, is very repeatable.

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Well thank you, Martin. I just meant that my production sounds a bit muffled to me, unlike the rest of the tune.

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This is superb. Such a lovely and interesting musical journey. Great job everyone!