Never Mind

Never Mind

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Liner Notes: 

Saw a toddler, mother and grandmother sitting on the curb with half a watermelon in a blue plastic wagon.
They were waiting for someone who was very slow. I walked the dog, and half an hour later when I walked to work they were still waiting.


Gliding down the stairs a señorita
Baby chews a cookie, mamacita
Dressed in black, the scowling abuelita
I keep my eyes focused on the street-a

We smile and say hello then look away
Bound by golden chains, don't need frustration
I don't speak your language anyways
It could be a lousy conversation

If I never stare, you don't quite exist
You're not really there, so you won't be missed

I'm not going to fantasize about you, never mind
I will never gaze into your eyes, so never mind
I may never know your story, I won't waste your time
Never mind, never mind, never mind

The three of you sit down on the cement
Melon in a wagon, some event
I wonder if you're waiting for a friend
Someone late and undependable


I'm making my third trip around the block
I think this time you'll be gone
But you're still waiting
And I cannot stop


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what a nice song! you have captured the feeling of the moment.