Call him the orange disaster

Call him the orange disaster

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Liner Notes: 

yet another one... and yes, i do have a friend who calls him wanker and another one who calls him troll....

recorded guitar and vocal...

EDIT- just added bass, mandolin, and dobro...


Some call him ‘wanker’ some call him ‘troll’
Some just point at their TV’s and say ‘that asshole’
Some use words that describe what’s in a toilet bowl
I call him the orange disaster

The bar has gotten lower with every passing minute
No sane person’s thinking, for a leader he’s at all fit
Watching Madness is fun, but not when you’re in it
I call him the orange disaster

They’re replacing the white house with a merry go round
All my ancestors turning over in the ground

Hey there doc you better lay it on thick
These news reports are making me sick
Its like reality’s been infected with a bloodsucking tick
I call it the orange disaster

The horrors keep on coming faster and faster
It’s a course in fascism run by a master
You might need a bomb shelter says the weather forecaster
I call it the orange disaster

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Great hook. So appropriate. Great commentary. I like the delivery a lot - a very pointed and clear message delivered without rage or anger.

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I enjoyed the old timey feel of this. I like the repetition of "I call it the orange disaster" at the end of every line. It ties the song together nicely and also made me laugh.

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Oooh this one is great too - those rhymes are wonderful, especially the last verse. The wit in the words makes me smile even as the story being told makes me sad and angry - surprisingly potent!