New Sound Tribe

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New Sound Tribe



Liner Notes: 


-- Not really finished... but, rather, is in a weird framed out state of being... I realize most don't put up +- finished "songs", but, heck ... who cares really any way Smile

Well, this track was recorded as I was actually recording it. Sounds that way, Hahhh...! So it has that mono-tone lack of committed chordal, vocal modulations sound/feel to it. However, for this here, I'm OK with putting it up, --why not. For those who care, they'll hear/get where it's going.

I chopped out the long silences, gaps and fishing repeats, --all is in order sans the chops so is a one take wonder, and again, as I was writing, trying to work out a rhythmic melody of sorts.

I had a bunch of one liners and then other came to me and etc. Well, you-all know how it goes.

It somewhat comes from a recent conversation from a new type of person I am seeing today of sorts, and no, not a good type, --just what came up... but, not necessarily a "negative" song... not sure..., you decide and then tell me Smile !

-- I'll likely revise this since have no need of a nearly 5 min song with just words Smile hahhh... (most of mine are 2min ish...) I have a head full of music for this that I think goes with it... so, just imagine it that way for me Wink !


Adim Em
/ v^v^v^
Paranoid, but oh, so very nice
C D Adim
So full of, polaroid advice
Adim Em
A wetdream, dressed as a nightcare
C D / Adim
Into the storm from the eye side care – fully
Adim Em
It’s a new sound tribe, come to dare me

Adim Em
Corduroy face now, then oh what a slice
C D Adim
Cookie cutter, glove love
All milk, no honey
All silk, no money
C F Adim Em
All stalk, a no seed phoney ... ...

Adim Em
I remember you, my favorite night - scare
I remember you, a no flavor candy glare
Adim slide up 2 to B5 Em
I remember you..., I remember you, in the dogs of core ...

Adim sus a / / / / (sus)
Cry havoc – pet a new sound tribe
Em g
Slip no, no acci - dent,
Born this way
Adim /Em
To me… … , you’re a bad bribe / / / / / / / / (Em vamp to Adim sus’d back to Em)
Hiiiii.... de me,
Hiiiii.... de me,
No place I won’t be found, I remember you ...

It’s a new sound
New sound tribe
Possibly the 13th…
Adim / / /
Earth bound vibe… ... ...
In - com - prehen - sible
In - disting - uishable
Impossible to under - stand
Amin F G D F Adim Em / / / / / / / /
Unfor - tu - na tely, no comprehension, available, for you, this time, around
Em / / / / / / / / /
It’s a new sound

Adim V^V^V ... /
You are a new life bribe
You are an old fight vibe
Now we go fold wild sides
New we go, as told, wide circles
F Adim Em
Circle around, and take what we can / / / / / / / / (Em vamp to Adim sus’d back to Em)

New sound tribe
New bound bribe
Wide mouth bottle cans
F Adim
Chock what you swallow
Em V^V^V / /
Drowning, drowning you in all your sweat

It’s a new sound tribe
No, no accident,
Born this way
To me, you’re a bad bribe,
F Adim
To me, you’re a bad bride
New sound tribe / / / / / / / /

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Don't quite know what to make of this one. You've got some interesting lines in your lyrics--hard to figure out. Not sure a topic is clear enough to be able to be identify with. When I listened, I liked the sound. The strum was smooth and strong, vocals great and didn't seem long to me on that listen. I was surprised to hear the length of the song. Wondered if "new sound" was a new idea, a new concept or an actual new "sound". Figured tribe referred to a group of like minded people, but the rest didn't seem to jive with those options, so still can't get a grip on these lyrics. Great sound though.

Yes, it does lack "focus", so to speak, if even in the abstract of unidentified direction Smile Hahhh...

One other time I put up a, "recorded as writing" track, I think it was last 5090, -- some found it interesting and commented why. I have no "set" way of working. Many do (of my own), simply write their self and done... then tweeking for weeks and etc.

"New sound tribe" is one of those lyric-lines of a few. And, like many ideas, sounded better "in my head" and in the moment I had it (with all the music I then heard with it). Other lines came later, (like, the next day), and went before it, -- weird to back in other "prior" lyrics... but, hey, I'll take what comes to me.

What I find "interesting" is the contrast of "in the moment", today, music with the prior krappe-pile clean up Smile -- all the work I just did.

Actually, this one, as I hear it may be too orchestrated and "production" focused... --they have to work "acoustically" as I do it, as well as with the "big" sound tracks. I listen to some Artists who, if you removed the "big" Drum Kit and thumping 1/4 Note Bass Guitar and long silence in the track, would make no sense at all if done "like this" ... e.g. "Jack White" who then issued his preproduction Tracks album, b-side and etc. krappe-pile :), ... brave of him Smile

As far as "meaning", well, they are intentionally scrubbed, usually, unlike "write your check" Smile -- pretty literal. I was very surprised how that went over... go figure... (remember "here" 5090, to have more than 3 comments of significance... it's nearly a "following" Smile Hahhh...). I figured no one would touch it. Like the "Lords Prayer"... surprised how many had a listen and commented.

Well, --I'm not sure this one is a "keeper" or if some how "finished" may lead to another song... -- like the line "looking for heaven in easy pop cans..." I don't want to loose that "preacher" line... and if find another song will move it there, so to speak.

-- DerUgo

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I'm mesmerized by this one. Really interesting guitar chording and phrasing. The lyrics are quite striking - sound poetry that makes not much literal sense but total melodic sense.
You commented on one of my songs about the harmonica playing - I have no idea how I do what I do. It's sort of the Dylan approach. But some lonesome harmonica wailing would be a cool addition to this song of yours.