Gonna Let You Go

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Gonna Let You Go



Liner Notes: 

A quick little blast of my approach to good ol' rock and roll.


You stole the cookies from the jar
Left a trail of crumbs, you ain’t too far
But oh-oh, I’m gonna let you go

Heard a rumor you been seen
Down in the swamp at a slot machine
But oh-oh, I’m gonna let you go

Ain’t saying I’m over you
But I got a call from Peggy Sue
Told her that I wasn’t ready
But it ain’t just her, she’s bringing Betty

You left some bills for me to pay
And 2 tickets to your one-act play
But oh-oh, I’m gonna let you go

Still gonna wear the hat you made
And use your recipe for lemonade
But oh-oh, I’m gonna let you go

Ain’t saying I don’t care
I’ll mention you in my evening prayer
But here comes Delilah knockin’ my door down
And I hear Maxine is back in town

You’re an apple, you’re a peach
Finer fruit is in my reach
Oh-oh, I’m gonna let you go

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That's a great piano/guitar rock and roll song. Great use of metaphors throughout.

Like the last line as punch line, --dunwither Smile

Another good'un as you do so well.

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Great groove. I like the blend of guitar and piano with the very classic rock sound. Fun lyrics too!

Cool lil' rock song with the classic vibe and fun lyrics! Well done.

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Brilliant rock and roll song, lovely to listen to. It's so clear how much fun you had while recording it, it's fun to listen to.