Unmade Bed 2

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Unmade Bed 2



Liner Notes: 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote and recorded quickly an instrumental with the same title. In the same sitting-on-the-bed session, I wrote the first verse of this song.


Sittin’ here on an unmade bed
Thinkin’ ‘bout what she said
Sittin’ here on an unmade bed
Will her voice ever leave my head?

Unmade bed, unmade plan
No doubt at all I’m an unmade man
Unmade bed, undone vow
I know why and I know how

Sittin’ here on a rumpled sheet
Cold, cold floor under my feet
Lie back down, nowhere to go
Still smell her on the pillow

Unmade bed, one side cold
She took the dog, left her ring of gold
Unmade bed, long gone wife
Unmade bed, story of my life

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I love the banjo and the mood of this. Made a very good song!

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Nice job! Good job on the lyrics, nice vocal and LOVE the banjo!

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Fantastic banjo makes me so happy also the beauty in the smell of her. Great song

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All of your tags got me listening, and I'm glad I did.
Great Old Tyme banjo work.
I love the deceptively simple lyrics; great metaphor.
Yeah, I really like this.