Liberace in L.A. on LSD

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Liberace in L.A. on LSD



Liner Notes: 

This song started, as many others before it has, with a conversation with my good friend and songwriter Nancy Rost. Not sure what the context was, but one of us (Nancy I think) remarked that something was like 'Liberace on LSD' . From there, I said, that's got to be a song, and put this crazy little thing together.

recorded using my mandolin -its just mandolin and vocal, live, with a little post-processing of the audio to give it that certain slightly lysergic shine...


Liberace in LA on LSD
Saw things in sequins no one should ever see
Ebony and ivory elephants doing a hippo dance
Thousands of blue haired chihuahuas staring in a trance

Liberace in LA wearing gold lame
Candelabra reflections on silver trays
White Cadillac on Mulholland drive, the shape of a giant tongue
Dinosaurs sit in the tar pits waiting for songs to be sung

It was a normal day in LA if you’re Liberace on LSD

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LOL... look at all the pretty colors!! This is so funny Mike... just the thought of Liberace on LSD. I can see why you just HAD to write a song to go with that phrase. The mandolin worked perfectly for this.

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Very subtle lysergic audio shine, but the imagery is sufficiently surreal! Fun stuff - glad you ran with that random conversational thread.

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Ha! Great job. Love the imagery in the lyrics--very Lucy In The Sky! Smile

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I couldn't resist a title like that! Mandolin sounds great, and the lyrics are better-than-fab. Chock full of amazing lines, but I think I like "Saw things in sequins no one should ever see" best. Fun!

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I figured, "I think I'll see what Mike's up to." And I found this!
The chord progression even has a touch of "White Rabbit" to it. Lots of funky chording in there, by the way. Good stuff! (I feel a bit woozy now ...)