Summer waves, silver lining (skirmish)

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Summer waves, silver lining (skirmish)




Liner Notes: 

This was a skirmish, where you get a title and write and record a song within a very short amount of time to that title. the prompt was 'summer waves'.

In this case, I did this very quick indeed (maybe 20 minutes?) its kind of the 'first thing i thought of picking up a guitar hearing that title' kind of write.

What does it mean? no idea, but it felt ok at the time.....

quick iphone recording with a little echo added...


summer waves, winter snow
all that you left me all that i know

spring rainy mornings autumn's moon shining
golden memories are my silver lining

(c) M. Skliar

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Wow Mike! That is such lovely playing! The sad, wistful melody really sells this one! I enjoyed my listen and the feelings it invoked. And this is definitely NOT a throwaway! You have something beautiful in progress here and I hope you give it a little more love!

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Beautiful sad tune Mike. A pleasure to listen to. Just listened to John's and now to yours. So interesting how you both went for a sad theme. Thank you for the pleasure of listening.

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Fantastic music behind this clear and calm tribute to a lost connection built on the best things of life. Very tender. Keeper material!

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Very nice guitar work. Suitably melancholy to match the lyric. Well done.

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This is so very gorgeous and poingant Mike! The almost classical feel to the guitar is really beautiful and the tender sorrowful lyrics are delivered so gently and perfectly. This song really reaches deep into my heart and soul.

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I love this Mike. Could repeat a few times over and I would still be listening, gorgeous.

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C'MON MIKE!! Why do you tease us so! It's like giving me a small sample of my favorite food, all you have done is wet my appetite. LOL
This really is nice Mike, and I sure hope you expand it out and let us know when the "full course" is ready to be served.
Your northern buddy,

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Short & sweet. Good stuff. That guitar work is lovely - there's a lot of potential on this chorus.