Summer Waves

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Summer Waves




Liner Notes: 

Got here late...did some quick lyrics...recorded in one take (and it is bad)...but I think I like it enough to come back to it later on!

THANKS Nadia for a great prompt!


Summer Waves
August 13, 2017

played in sand
walked hand in hand
worked on tans
important plans
living lazy days
chasing summer waves

summer waves
wash over lovers
summer waves
reflect the sky
but it always ends in autumn
and our summer waves goodbye

why must summer
always end
before we fall
in love again
playing dog day games
chasing summer waves

summer waves
wash over lovers
summer waves
reflect the sky
but it always ends in autumn
and our summer waves goodbye

why can't we have
more summer
there's still stars
we've not kissed under
I cannot bear the thought of leaving
as I lay in sand and listen to your breathing

summer waves
wash over lovers
summer waves
reflect the sky
but it always ends in autumn
and our summer waves goodbye
our summer waves goodbye

© 2017 John Staples

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this is beautiful and has that end-of-summer sadness well.
sadly, the recording cuts off after one minute tho!

Funny, I think i was reflecting the same thing in my song for this challenge tho mine is more of a throwaway- this one of yours is a keeper!

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song with nostalgic feel, very personal yet appealing to many. Thank you so much for creating your beautiful song John.

pearsechristopher's picture

Great vocal, as usual..... I love your stuff John. Always such a blast to hear you sing and play..... Youninspire me.
Thanks man, you rock..

barbara's picture

I really like that one brief moment of a minor chord in the chorus; it emotionally plays with that bittersweet impending tumble out of summer mode, but recovers its footing. Also enjoyed the sensory attention you gave to the waves themselves, as well as the wordplay of the dual meaning of waves.

JWHanberry's picture

Yes, worth coming back to it. Made me yearn for those carefree, youthful summers.

kahlo2013's picture

Wow! For what you call a bad one take I call awesome!! The nostalgic reminiscent feel is absolutely gorgeous, John, and it perfectly captures the magic of a summer romance, the sadness at its ending, and the memories and longing that linger with us long after the summer is gone. Spectacular and gorgeous in all respects!

writeandwrong's picture

Reminiscing sweetness! Wonderful collaboration here. Fantastic lyric and the lyric is set to breathtaking vocal and instrumentation. Well done!! Enjoyed the listen. Beautiful song.... Kudos to both of you!!!!! Smile Smile Smile

oneslowtyper's picture

This is excellent, John!! I would love to hear some flute in there, if you were to come back to this later on, but now I'm just getting greedy.

headfirstonly's picture

Definitely worth coming back to this one. I'd like to hear you expand the arrangement and I totally agree with @oneslowtyper's suggestion of adding flute.

famouspatrick's picture

Nicely skirmished! I love the way you use the double meaning of "wave." I think you should be happy with this one.

crisp1's picture

The guitar has an almost James Taylor sound to it that is just beautiful and your voice has a wonderful timbre for a song expressing such yearning. Like Patrick, I applaud your clever way of sneaking in that second meaning of waves.

colgoo's picture

Very pretty. Have I told you how much I love your voice. It's gorgeous! And I love the way you accompany this with your guitar. Really nice!

Yeah another good one and especially polished for a skirmish. This would work for the week 8 heat prompt too. I like the wistful feeling you create with the soft vocal and the imagery you paint with your lyrics.

standup's picture

Very put-together for a skirmish tune, good job. Nice melody, and great flow to this. I like the summer and autumn imagery interwoven, and especially the line about summer ending before we fall -- nice. The line about stars we haven't kissed under sends me off on a tangent -- this love can continue into winter, when a whole different sky full of stars shows up. Anyway, enjoyed listening.