Virginia Rally

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Virginia Rally



Liner Notes: 

Earlier tonight I wrote, recorded and posted a silly little song about missing socks... which was fun, but with the sad news about the events in Virginia this weekend (August 11-12- just a few hours ago, as i write this... ) and the embarrassing and sad reaction from the orange horror president in Washington dc, I thought I needed to write something, if only to express the horror i was feeling at this whole thing. For some folks, your mileage may vary, but this isn't written to please the most number of people. I do think there are many who share my views on this, however.

Recorded live, just vocal and harmonica , raw, and added a tiny bit of echo just to make it sound at least listenable.


A white supremist rally, in Virginia state
A gathering of alt-right Nazis who would spew their hate
And on the other side, counter protesters assemble
To say when hatred comes to us, we refuse to tremble

The Nazis had confederate flags and swastikas galore
To re-fight world war two and the civil war
They yelled their Nazi slogans, KKK ones too
To top it off they started yelling hatred for the Jews

Police came in and tried to restore order to the town
the hate the Nazis had whipped up, you know what could go down
The police did what they had to do, the groups were separated
The one standing for love and justice the other one for hatred

No surprise a white kid, a registered republican voter
Jumped into his sports car, started to gun the motor
Towards the counter-protesters, in the neighborhood
He aimed his car into the crowd to kill all that he could

And when our sad sick president, heard about this homicide
All he could say was stop the violence that happens on many sides
‘on many sides’ another statement that makes everybody sick
As far as I’m concerned impeachment can’t come too quick

He couldn’t call those Nazis what they are, he can go to hell
Let him tweet all he wants from a stinking jail cell
and his supporters who applaud what we have become
it’s the Dunning-Kruger effect, they’re too dumb to know they’re dumb

I hope this whole episode wakes up at least a few
Cause 2018 is coming, and we’ve got work to do
2018 and 2020, those dates are our salvation
When we get back a government worthy of our nation

(c) M. Skliar

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Very topical, amazing how fast you write! The response of the orange supreme commander was indeed strange (ie frightening) and all-telling. I didn't know the Dunning–Kruger effect, that's interesting.

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I bet this just poured out of you, huh? Brilliant and just how I feel.

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Lovely VOX; great harmonica.
'Great choice of political current topic.

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Nice job. Love your harmonica work. Great rhyme scheme for this political ballad.