Lee Queen Bee

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Lee Queen Bee



Liner Notes: 

A second improvisation at todays greenmarket gig. This one is in honor of one of the vendors. Recorded with a TASCAM DR-07 on the mic setting to pick up the market ambiance. Jim England on harmonica.


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Lee Queen Bee

I’m a queen bee, grow local honey
I’m a queen bee, I grow raw local honey
Save the bees it’s not funny

Bees bring pollen to everything
Bees bring pollen to everything
Where do you think that food in the grocery store comes from and where does it sting

I’m a queen bee and I grow local raw honey
Yeah I’m a queen bee grow local raw honey

I’m a Lee Queen Bee grow local raw honey
I’m a Lee Queen Bee grow local raw honey
Bees provide all our food, keepin that alive that ain’t funny

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I LOVE the harmonica. great played. Nice and harmonic (pun not intended) sound.

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Love the harp! This is all improvised on the spot? I'm impressed!

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Great vibe to this. Really feels like you captured the spirit of the show!