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Liner Notes: 

GYAWS weekly prompt to write a song based on a movie or TV show scene. After much procrastination and indecision as time was running out I gravitated to the opening scenes of the first episode of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy BBC TV series from 1981. Ended up going rather literal and used some of the dialogue and modified it.


remove chords

Rumbling Caterpillar plowing up Arthur’s driveway
Marking the way for a new by-pass highway
Arthur awakens in his bathrobe
Lies in the mud in front of the bulldozer pan
His house is threatened, life poured into the unknown
by a man in a tweed suit with blasting plans

Tweed suit man says:
“Come off it Mr. Dent, you can’t win you know
Bypass got to be built and plans are on 9 months display
How much damage will this bulldozer suffer
if I were to let it roll straight over you
None at all“

[A D E arpeggio]
Arthur says
“On display
In the basement, with no stairs
I had to use a torch
To find plans at the bottom of a locked file cabinet in a disused lavatory
With a sign saying beware of leopards”

Ford Prefect arrives, brown striped suit with a smile on his face
“C’mon Arthur we’ve twelve minutes to get a drink”
Convinces the man in the tweed suit to take Arthur’s place
Can’t tell him yet that his only choice to avoid the end of the world is to hitchhike through the galaxy
With an alien from a planet somewhere near Betelgeuse

As the Vogon constructor fleet rumbles overhead
“Attention, we’re blasting planets for hyperspace express bypasses
Based on the plans on display for 50 earth years on Alpha Centauri
I can’t help it if you can’t be bothered to go to Alpha Centauri, it’s only 4 of your light years away”

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I remember this scene so well! I'm watching it in my head as I listen. Love, love, love!

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So much great stuff in here. And it makes me want to write a song called "Bypass" too!