Two feet and one sock

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Two feet and one sock



Liner Notes: 

A silly fun song that came out of something slightly less fun (tho not serious)- I had this ankle pain that didn't go away, finally saw a dr for it and I have some sort of tendonitis, dr wants me to wear this walking boot for a week or two on one foot, which is no fun. Dealing with that and somehow had the wrong number of socks for my feet.. started singing 'two feet and one sock' and it took me here.

Quick one take recording, live with guitar and the harmonica rack and everything, on the iPhone. Probably sang and played it too fast, but its a kind of 'maybe faster is better' thing perhaps?


Two feet and one sock what am I gonna do
Got enough sock for one of my feet, but not enough for two
One sock and two feet, got a foot with no sock for it
Can’t take one sock and make it two, not unless I tore it

Two torn socks and two big feet, a sticky situation
I’m still short of what I need, unless I get a donation
If you donate cars for kids, would you donate socks for me
Cause rather than one sock for two, I’d rather have like three

Three socks for two feet, there’s an excess of one sock
Unless I grew another foot and then people would talk
They’d talk and talk and I’d walk and walk, with a 3-legged shuffle gait
But what’s in store if I grew more feet at the present rate

I’d be a spider and pretty soon a centipede’d be jealous
Philosophers wondering what’s the universe trying to tell us
Maybe when ya got two feet, sock number should be equal
And if you want to hear any more, you’l have to wait for the sequel

© M. Skliar 2017

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What fun! And silly and funny too. I wore one of those darn boots for weeks when I had a stress fracture. I hope it feels better and this song should help it along!

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I really enjoyed the silliness of this, and how it escalates from one sock, to two, to three, until the multiplicity of socks/feet in the final verse (with the funny "philosophers" line). Your singing and jaunty guitar have a wonderfully upbeat feel, and the harmonica added a perfect touch of folksiness. Delightful!

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Oh lovely, funny and make me very happy also recognise the sock-issue from home:) Great delivery awesome lyrics.

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Haha! Funny stuff. I like how it gets progressively sillier in each verse. Nice harmonica skills too!

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Reminds me of my elderly cousin Melville, a pinaist/music teacher, who at 70-odd couldn't find a second sock so turned up to my grandfather's funeral/wake without any. Are you aware of Terry Pratchett's Eater of Socks? I have one in my wardrobe but I've never caught it in the act. Altogether good fun. And those late toots on the harp at the very end just sort of finish it so elegantly!