I Like It Better in the Light

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I Like It Better in the Light


Liner Notes: 

I had the chorus yesterday. Today I saw the thread "is there to dark".


Vampires aren't any fun
They won't picnic if there's sun
They sit in darkened rooms and watch tv
Sure, they say they like to screw
But they really want to feed on you
Selfish pale mosquitos with a need

I like it better in the light
I like it better when the mood is bright
You can howl at the moon all night
I like it better in the light

Zombies are no fun at all
They suck at playing volleyball
They're screaming "brains" and clawing at your head
They're not fit for playing sport
Leave body parts out on the court
They just want to gnaw on you instead


I want hot sand between my toes
Jump in the surf and burn my nose
Sing with my friends, not one of those
Goth things in darkness, all morose

(I like it better in the light)

Fresh corn and burgers on the grill
We're gonna laugh and dance until
Some dark thing comes crawling in
And we have to kill it with shotguns, swords and wooden stakes


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This has a fun quirky and irreverent feeling. Vampires zombies and summer picnics! It does impact those summer parties when the dark side shows up doesn't it? Love it!

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Maybe vampires aren't fun but these lyrics are. What a strange collection