How do we make happiness viral?

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How do we make happiness viral?



Liner Notes: 

This is not seriously autobiographical (tho we all could be happier in general, right?)- it came out of reading a very interesting article about depression that was written by a family member, actually. This song only talks about one little facet of the larger picture covered by the article, but the article sparked some sort of songwriting ideas, so, without much editing, here it is.

One take, iPhone recording, nothing fancy.

Edit- added a quick mandolin overdub to the recording...

Not sure how well it all 'works' but the job description of songwriter is to sometimes just create, and judge later on. Curious as to your thoughts on this one...


Lincoln called it the hypo, Churchill called it his black dog
Written about by Shakespeare, subject of Hamlet’s monologue
To be or not to be, with a mental state not free
Of ebbs and flows and downward spirals, but how do we make happiness viral?

Does anyone have a cure, a defense against mood swings so dark?
Do you even out the highs and lows, bring to the darkness a little spark
To be sad but not too sad, should you be glad but not too glad
Not too manic and no downward spirals, is that how you make happiness viral?

Or can you just will yourself to be happy with less
Stop desiring too many things, simplify and short-circuit stress?

I’m not sure of the answer, not even sure it’s the right question
Some folks are programmed for happy, some for a greater share of depression
A fulfilling life to live, the old saying less take more give
Short of changing your DNA spiral, no guarantee to make happiness viral

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Super idea and great song! Wouldn't it be great if we could make this happen?

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I think its a very nice song, not at all what I consider dark.:)

I feel a lot of positive vibes in it.

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Good subject for a song, well written! Some stressess just can't be short-circuited I guess.