I wished that I could sleep a 1,000 years (in my own home)

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I wished that I could sleep a 1,000 years (in my own home)



Liner Notes: 

Needs more work, so I'd welcome your suggestions.


I wished that I could sleep
I wished that I could sleep a thousand years
in my own home
I wished that I could sleep
I wished that I could sleep a thousand years
in my own home

I want to start again
I'm so tired
I need a proper start again

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Well, here's an idea off the top of my head (since you wrote that you're welcome to suggestions) - after the first grouping of lines, you could have some sort of quieter solo or section representing sleep. But it's the kind of sleep that isn't quite right, like maybe it only lasts a few seconds or so and then is abruptly interrupted by the second part of your song. The part that starts up again with "I want to start again." Just a thought. Smile

If you are indeed tired and writing the truth in your lyrics, welcome to the club. I feel like I've been a lifelong member of the sleep deprived club. It's no fun, but it is what it is. And if that is the case, hope you get rest soon enough, wherever you may be. Hey, your song sounds pretty good regardless. See how I'm rambling? That's sleep deprivation. Wink Until next time, Ferry.

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Oo I like this! It reminds me of something Egyptian in a way. I enjoyed it!

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I feel like I took a trip into an exotic drug induced beautiful space. I can smell the heavy incense and am watching the flame of the candle. Really well done as it truly transports me away and no worry about crashing or flashbacks. Music induced trips are lovely!

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Real Middle East sound combined with a "Tomorrow Never Knows" groove ... very nice. I like the choral (?) keyboards, which add an ethereal feel. Too short, though!

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The bridge works well with the drum and harmonies, just repeat the bridge and then go back to the verses. The theme of the song is strong!

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Love the drive here, don't think you can sleep when you are so dynamic Ferry. I'd like to hear your lyrics better if you don't mind me saying so Smile

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So swirly and psychedelic!
That slight Eastern vibe on the guitar is so nice!
And the time signature changes are ear candy for me.
Again, dude, way too short!!
I was hoping for a wailing guitar solo!
Simply great, though.
You know how much I love your stuff!

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Can you really imagine how weir it would be to wake a 1000 years alter. The changes that would occur in the world. You'd be so freaked out! Smile I think this song has an appropriately psychedelic feel that matches that sentiment pretty well.

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Dude this really is psychedelic. Suggestions for it, would be to put on a paisley shirt and striped loon pants, I think.
Yeah repeat the 'Wish that I could sleep part', that was ace, and then double the tempo of the drums and do it all again. Man that could be awesome and put it in Nuggets territory.

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the idea of backing off, and into a really quiet section... that's a good one. sing about the sleep, then get really quiet, then build from there into the outro... anyway, really cool psychedelia... maybe it's fine just the way it is.

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You've been doing some interesting things with rhythm of late. (Come to think of it, you've always done that.) This swirling phantasmagoria sounds pretty good the way it is. I really like the way you mix things up with the "start again" part. I don't have any advice for you. I just wish I could turn it up really loud and let this fill the room, but it's bed time for my daughter Smile

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I like the hemiola jumps between 2 and 3. That makes this very interesting. Also, I can completely empathize with the sentiment.