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Liner Notes: 

The first verse and chorus came to me as I woke up one morning this week, and to the tune of the old Rev. Gary Davis/Hot Tuna song "Let Us Get Together Right Down Here." But I couldn't just use that melody for the whole song, so I also borrowed from the old Mississippi John Hurt song "Salty Dog" for the chorus. Fingerpicked in the style of all those folks. Lots of borrowing of the music (and they all got it from somebody else, too, I suppose), but the words are mine.


I am the captain, I am the crew
No one but me to blame for what I do
I steer the wheel, I read the map
I am responsible for this mishap

Shipwrecked – lost at sea
Shipwrecked – no one to rescue me
Shipwrecked – I am so hard to find
Shipwrecked – only in my mind

I was adrift, barely afloat
Washed up on an island in my lifeboat
Maybe this is the afterlife, maybe I’m dead
Doctor would say this is all in my head

Shipwrecked – can’t blame my first mate
Shipwrecked – hope it’s not too late
Shipwrecked – no one will hear my plea
Shipwrecked – so far out to sea

Shipwrecked – is this my destiny

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Good composers borrow. Great composers steal! This is a lot of fun. Gotta love the modern sea chanty! I love the cheerfulness of it!

Excellent. To me, this "stuff" you do, is what you really do best. --I'd come listen to this any day.

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Swell song of good-natured self-acceptance, this has tons of easy, folksy charm, and I "see" this delivered with a wry, sly little grin.